Thursday, October 20, 2016

Upcoming Teacher Transfer Survey

From:  Tim Brittell, President, Northshore Education Association and Jeff Sherwood, Executive Director of Human Resources

To:  All Certificated Staff

Re:  Upcoming Teacher Transfer Survey

This is in response to questions from teachers about the upcoming transfer survey, transfer to North Creek High School and use of the survey information, and reflects the agreement between the NSEA and the District.  This information will also be posted on the District website in the FAQ section related to teacher transfers.

Teachers who responded to the North Creek survey last year, but did not get an assignment to North Creek, are no longer under any obligation to transfer to North Creek, and the list will no longer be used to fill any further North Creek positions.  If they still wish to transfer to North Creek High School, they should reapply on the November survey this year.

The new survey will be used to transfer teachers at all levels (elementary, junior high, and high school) to middle school and high school, including North Creek High School, consistent with the Memorandum of Understanding between NSEA and the District on Grade Reconfiguration and Teacher Transfers.  After the initial round of transfers in February/March from the list generated from the November 2016 , teachers remaining on the list will be offered secondary vacancies in the subject(s) and at the location(s) in which they expressed interest through July 31, 2017 prior to the vacancies being posted for voluntary transfer consistent with the collective bargaining agreement.

Click here to see the MOU on Transfers for North Creek High School and Grade Reconfiguration.

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