Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Civil Right to a Public Education

Our Final Best Opportunity Begins Now!

The Washington Constitution is clear: Amply funded quality public education is a civil right for all students.

American Education Week started yesterday. And today is the start of our final best opportunity to obtain full funding as part of the McCleary decision.

The upcoming 2017 Legislative Session marks the last legislative session before the McCleary deadline imposed by the Washington State Supreme Court. This means K-12 school funding is going to be THE issue this year. The State of Washington is about to run out the clock, and as the professionals closest to the students who are being shortchanged, it's our job to keep the pressure on.

The outcome our students deserve will not come to fruition without a fight. And this is where you come in.
Educators in Northshore will be joining our colleagues from around the state to exert pressure on the Governor and our elected representatives to the House and Senate, to fulfill their obligation under the Washington State Constitution. There will be multiple phases to the effort, and many opportunities to get involved.
We will join together and stand strong in defense of our students' civil right to a strong, fully funded public education. We are planning to petition the governor, meet with Attorney Tom Ahearne (who argued the McCleary case in front of the Supreme Court), rally in Olympia, and lobby our legislators throughout the 2017 legislative session. We will keep up our pressure as long as it takes, until a final McCleary Budget is approved!

Here's a link to see the Student Bill of Rights.

Educators Fight for Students' Civil Rights at MLK Jr. Day Rally

On January 16, 2017, join thousands of educators, parents, and kids for a historic Rally for Full Funding of Public Education on the Capitol Steps in Olympia. 

WEA-Cascade will be providing busses, and we encourage you to reserve your seat NOW. We are welcoming family, neighbors and friends, so please reserve seats for them too. Busses will board at 7:30am, for an 8:00am departure time from both the Shoreline Center and Pop Keeney Stadium.

Participants will attend the rally at 10:30am, and will be back to Shoreline or Bothell by approximately 3:00pm.

Please choose your departure location, reserve your seat, and print your ticket(s) to get on the bus HERE.

The Governor's Budget Sets the High Water Mark! Let's Make Sure He Fulfills The Promise Our Kids Deserve! 

Let's tell Governor Inslee we're tired of budgets that kick the can down the road! No More Delays! The time for full funding of our schools is NOW! 
We will be sending a PETITION TO THE GOVERNOR.       

When your building representative or a colleague asks you to sign, please add your signature and join with your colleagues to send a clear message to Governor Inslee.

Governor Inslee, who just won re-election, will be releasing his state budget plan in December. The governor's budget will set the tone for the legislative budget plans that follow, and we need his budget to set a high bar.

Billions in school funding are at stake. As professional educators, we know our state needs to invest in what will help kids the most - smaller class sizes in every grade and competitive pay for school employees.

If you'd like to print a copy of the PETITION and gather additional signatures from family and friends on your own, please make sure to return any signatures you've gathered back to your building representative, in person, by Friday, December 2nd.

CAUTION: This IS political action. Make sure you do this important work during duty-free time (before or after school, or during lunch), and do not leave petitions in school mail boxes. Face to face organizing works best.  
McCleary Meeting: What Would Full Funding Look Like?

Described as a "force of nature", Attorney Thomas Ahearne will describe the vision of the McCleary case, and explain how the final stages of the McCleary timeline may play out. Mr. Ahearne will take audience questions, and explain how the McCleary case has evolved and progressed since its inception through the 2017 Legislative Session.

December 7, 2016 

Shoreline Room in the Shoreline Center 
Shoreline School District 
18560 1st Ave NE 
Shoreline, WA 98155
As the attorney who argued the McCleary case in front of the Supreme Court of the State of Washington, Mr. Ahearne is the authority on the case, and yet has the ability through his personality and presentation style to explain the intricacies of school finances in a way that makes them understandable, and even interesting. 

Please join the fun as we talk school finance! We will stand stronger together if we understand our fight!

Sign up HERE to reserve your spot to attend this important, informational meeting.

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