Tuesday, January 24, 2017

NSEA Delegates

NSEA is sending delegates to two upcoming events: the WEA-Rep Assembly and the NEA-Rep Assembly.

WEA-RA: April 13-15; Spokane, WA
WEA's annual meeting, which has a look and feel similar to a major political convention, provides a forum where WEA members can collaborate, debate and vote. Individual members and local associations submit New Business Items, New Resolutions or Amendments to Continuing Resolutions, Standing Rules, Bylaws, and WEA Constitution, which, when passed, set the organizational priorities for WEA for the coming year.

Representing NSEA at this year's WEA-RA are:

  • Tim Brittell, NSEA President
  • Robbi Reed, Woodmoor para and NSEA ESP Vice President
  • Kirstin Briefs, Cottage Lake teacher
  • Michael Burton, Woodinville HS para
  • Tim Rhoades, Crystal Springs teacher and NSEA Exec Board member

NEA-RA is the primary legislative and policymaking body of the Association and derives its powers from, and is responsible to, the membership. The Representative Assembly adopts the strategic plan and budget, resolutions, the Legislative Program, and other policies of the Association. Delegates vote by secret ballot on proposed amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws. Those delegates with full voting rights elect the executive officers, Executive Committee members, and at-large members of the NEA Board of Directors, as appropriate.

The RA consists of some 8,000 delegates representing state and local affiliates, student members, retired members, and other segments of the united education profession.

Representing NSEA at NEA-RA are:
  • Tim Rhoades, Crystal Springs teacher and NSEA Exec Board member
  • Sheri Setzer, Canyon Park JH teacher and NSEA Exec Board member
  • Kari Molitor, Kokanee teacher
  • Gavin Molitor, TOSA 
  • Debra Galassi, Moorlands para

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