Monday, April 24, 2017

Take Action for Public Education!

Four easy actions you can take right now to help fund public education in Washington state. 

#1. Support Fair RevenueEmail your legislators! Tell lawmakers it's time to get serious about funding public education, and that they should pass SB 5929, not use it as a cheap political stunt. 

#2. Call the Legislative Hotline! 800-562-6000. Message of the week: Tell the Senate to support the SB 5929, the revenue bill being heard this Wednesday afternoon.

#3. Download these materials for your building meeting. (Remember: do not use school district computers to access or share this information.)  

Building Meeting Power Point

Video for members (3:30 minutes)

House and Senate budget comparisons

#4. Sign up for OurVoice text updates: Text "OurVoice" to 41411

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