Monday, May 22, 2017

NSEA Building-Based Meetings

This is a busy time for all of us. There is a lot happening. Right now, we are facing unprecedented challenges and opportunities.  

Our public schools and the middle class are under attack. OUR COMMITMENT TO EACH OTHER IS THE RESISTANCE TO THESE ATTACKS.  

During the next several weeks, every NSEA member will be attending a special NSEA MEETING at their school, instead of a big meeting at the end of May as previously planned. It’s essential that you be at this NSEA meeting at your school, with a special presentation by Tim Brittell and Kraig Peck.  

We cancelled the big meeting at North Creek HS because a district-wide vote turned out to be unnecessary. Instead, we’re making it easier for you to attend an NSEA meeting at your school. It will last 30 minutes. Though it will surely be an inconvenience for some, please note that it will be far more than a mere inconvenience if we allow our local schools to be ruined (so they can be privatized) and our union weakened. This is happening throughout the nation right now, and we are facing these real threats here in Washington. Come to the meeting to learn more.

It’s ironic that as this is happening, we also face the possibility of securing a major increase in compensation and school funding because of our McCleary victory.  

Click here for the schedule of our school meetings. If you can’t make it to your school’s meeting, come to the NSEA meeting at another school on another day. Your commitment to your colleagues is the key to creating the kind of future you want.  

Thank you, and see you soon!    

Tim Brittell, NSEA President
Kraig Peck, WEA Staffperson
Lydia King, Executive Assistant

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