Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Day of Action


As this school year draws to a close, we need to let our united voices be heard regarding full funding for our schools. With the McCleary Decision yet to be finalized by the next state budget and Supreme Court, we need to keep up the pressure. We are planning a Day of Action to share our message with the community. On Tuesday, June 20th, we are asking all NSEA members to wear their "We Educate Northshore" shirts, or any other shirt or top that is red, to school for the day. Then at the end of day we will hold informational picketing in three central locations in the district to share our message with the citizens in our school district. Picketing will run from 3:30-5:30. Come by for an hour and add your voice to the chorus. Parents, students, and administrators will be invited and encouraged to join us in this action. Our commitment to each other and our students is strong, so come and join us. Our actions on Tuesday, June 20th are: 
  • WEAR RED: Your "We Educate Northshore" t-shirt or any red shirt all day. Building Reps will organize school photos!
  • SIGN WAVE WITH YOUR COLLEAGUES TO ENCOURAGE THE PUBLIC TO CONTACT THE LEGISLATURE! 3:30 TO 5:30 PM: Come for 1 hour or what you can. There are three locations and schools will be assigned a location, or you can choose a location more convenient to your home or commute. Please carpool for parking:  
    • Bothell: Canyon Park intersection of 228th and Bothell Everett Hwy.
    • Kenmore: On Hwy 522 at 68th
    • Woodinville: Entry to downtown-corner of 131st and 175th , next to Woodinville Fields)
  • ONE THOUSAND CALLS TO THE LEGISLATIVE HOTLINE (1.800.562.6000) DURING YOUR DUTY-FREE LUNCH, FROM YOUR CELLPHONE. Tell your legislator to, "Reject the Senate Republican budget. Support local control and collective bargaining."
What's at stake?   
Your future, and the future of our schools
Class sizes. Increases in state funding for pay. Our bargaining rights. The ability of Northshore and other districts to meet local needs. National Board bonuses. Future COLAs. More counselors and support staff. Future privatization, if public support declines as local control is lost?
What's next, in August?
Our NSEA Building Reps voted unanimously on Monday to schedule a meeting at the end of August, " determine what actions we will take if the Washington Legislature has not passed a state budget that amply funds public schools as required by the Supreme Court's McCleary decision and/or if the Legislature restricts our right to collectively bargain with our school district". Please hold Wednesday, August 30 after school, as we arrange a location for our meeting. A strike is one possibility.
Thank you for your continued commitment to each other as we fight for full funding of public education. We will succeed together!

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