Thursday, October 18, 2018

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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Janus Decision


Today's US Supreme Court ruling in Janus vs. AFSCME is disappointing but not unexpected. By overturning over forty years of labor law, the court demonstrated that it's on the side of corporate interests and not working people. This ruling is meant to cripple the ability of public employees to advocate for quality public schools and services. Unless we continue to stand together, our schools and our students will lose.
Here in Northshore, we know that we are stronger when we are united. Together, we have won billions more in state funding through our work with the McCleary case. We have improved wages and working conditions for certificated and ESP educators. We have won significant increases in supports for our students. By standing together, our actions have improved Northshore's schools.
The State legislature has allocated an additional billion dollars to fund salaries, on top of the hundreds of millions they invested because of McCleary, NSEA and all other local unions in the state have the opportunity to change the salary structure for teachers and increase pay for ESPs. This is an extraordinary undertaking that will require a lot of work and member participation. Together, we will go further to make historic gains. United we bargain!
Now that the law has changed, anti-union and anti-public education billionaires plan to wage a massive campaign to convince you to leave our union. Organizations like the Freedom Foundation, Opt Out Today, and A Choice for Teachers will tell you that you can cancel your membership, save money, and lose nothing. They may call you, come to your school or home, send you email or snail mail. Their message is a fairy tale. Your dues dollars pay for bargaining, professional development opportunities, member advocacy, your liability insurance, and so much more. With the challenges and opportunities currently before us, our strength truly is in our numbers. This is the time to stay with NSEA, not to be divided by our opponents who seek to cripple us in order to privatize schools and push their anti-public ed agenda.
Now more than ever, your membership and involvement with NSEA is crucial. If someone asks you to drop your membership, tell them no.
Start today by joining us at one of several rallies across the state from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm.
  • EVERETT - Worker's Memorial Courtyard (by the Snohomish County Courthouse) facing Wetmore Ave.
  • SEATTLE - Harborview Medical Center, 325 9th Ave., Seattle, WA 98104
  • SPOKANE - Rotary Fountain in Riverfront Park, 507 N. Howard St., Spokane, WA 99201
  • TACOMA - Federal Courthouse, 1717 Pacific Ave, Tacoma, WA 98402
  • VANCOUVER - Fort Vancouver Way & E. Mill Plain Blvd., Vancouver, WA 98663
I will be attending the Everett rally and hope to see you there.
In solidarity,

Stay connected with NSEA this summer. Like us on facebook, follow us on twitter, and text NSEA to 41-411 to get updates sent to your phone (text messaging rates may apply). 

Monday, June 25, 2018

Have a Great Summer!

Thanks for another great school year! We hope you take some time to relax and recharge this summer. The NSEA Office will have limited staffing throughout much of July. The best way to reach us is through email:

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

What's Your Number?

Northshore Numbers
  • 0.4: the number of counselors in Northshore's elementary schools.
  • $657,300: the median home value in Bothell.
  • $1,200-$1,500: the amount educators spend out-of-pocket for supplies for their classrooms.
  • $19.24: the starting hourly wage for paras in Northshore.
  • $37,172: the average amount of student debt in the U.S.
  • $975,000,000: the total amount of new funding for public education coming to all districts in Washington that WEA members won through the McCleary lawsuit and our collective action. Northshore's estimated total funding increase is $55,000,000.
  • $0: the total amount of the new McCleary money that NSD certs and ESPs have received as a pay increase so far.

What's YOUR number?

The numbers above tell our collective story. Each of us has a personal number about our students, our community, and ourselves. Think of your own personal number. It can be about class size, the amount of unpaid time something takes you to do, the number of extra meetings you attend a week, a lack of materials or supplies, staffing issues, workload, or anything else that you've adapted to because you are committed to what you are doing. Share your numbers and your stories using the What's Your Number sheet from your Building Rep (or click here to download one).

Take a photo of yourself and/or your colleagues with  your numbers and send them to Lydia King ( #NSEARising

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

55 Million Dollar Meeting

Click here to RSVP for an upcoming 55 Million Dollar Meeting!
As a union, WEA members just won the biggest K-12 public education funding increase in state history. Starting next year, OSPI estimates that Northshore’s total local and state funding will increase by $55 million. 

Northshore would not be getting this kind of money without the intensive organizing effort WEA members have made for over a decade. Now that the money is here, your NSEA bargaining team is preparing to re-open the contract (which would otherwise be closed until August 2019) and negotiate over what to do with this increase.  

Before the school year is over, the NSEA bargaining team needs to know two things:
  1. What do you think Northshore should do with $55 million?
  2. For certificated staff, we have our first ever opportunity to create a new base salary schedule. What would you like it to look like? 
Join us at one of our upcoming 55 Million Dollar Meetings to share your input! This meeting is open to dues paying NSEA members only. Click here to reserve your spot.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Strengthening Our School and Union

NSEA is successful because of its members’ commitment to our schools and each other. Together, we’ve won historic funding increases for public education from the state, compensation gains for Northshore educators, a new district commitment to student/school safety, and so much more. We are educators working together to make Northshore one of the top districts in the state, and we celebrate our achievements.

Unfortunately, billionaire opponents of public education have been paying attention to our recent victories. They don’t want to pay their fair share for education and are doing everything they can to weaken our voice for the future of our schools. We may face an unprecedented obstacle from the US Supreme Court’s upcoming Janus decision. We need to remain organized and committed to fight back against the wave of attacks coming from the Freedom Foundation and others...and we need YOUR help to continue our success.

Join NSEA Building Reps, U(nion) S(upport) Team Members, and other NSEA leaders at the Strengthening Our School and Union Training. 

Monday, April 30th
Haynes Hall, McMenamin’s Anderson School
(downtown Bothell)
4:30 to 6:30 pm
Heavy apps will be served!

Work with NSEA leaders from your building to create a plan to keep NSEA’s presence strong and to keep members committed to the union. RSVP by Monday, April 23rd at  

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Cert 101 Workshop

NSEA is hosting and Educator Certification 101 training on Wednesday, April 18th from 4:30 to 8:00 pm in the Bothell High School Library for certificated employees. This workshop is free to members and registration is required. Click here to sign up.  

Do you have questions about Washington state educator certification and continuing education requirements, state policy updates, or support options? Come learn more at the WEA Certification 101 training.

What we will be covering:
·         Learn about recent, dramatic policy changes affecting educator certification
·         Examine the National Board Certification process
·         Get an overview of the now optional ProTeach Portfolio
·         Explore new certification renewal options (Professional Growth Plans) and requirement (STEM and TPEP certificate renewal requirements) 
·         Review certification support options available for educators
·         Examine new options for adding endorsements

Bring your laptop or device to take a look at Washington State’s new E-Certification system for renewing your certificate, checking expiration, or adding endorsements.

Registration is required. Pizza and three clock hours are provided. Click here to sign up.    
Wednesday, April 18th
4:30 to 8:00 pm (4:30: sign in, get food; 5:00: workshop starts)
Bothell HS Library (9130 NE 180th St, Bothell, WA 98011)
Click here to register. 

Thursday, March 1, 2018

NSEA Nominations Are Open

Nominations for the following NSEA leadership positions are now open. If you are interested in filling any of these positions, please fill out a nomination form and send it to the NSEA Office by Friday, March 30. Nominations will be taken from the floor of the April 30th Rep Council meeting and elections will be in May.

NSEA Officers (2 year term starting July 1, 2018)
  • ESP Vice President (must be an ESP member)
  • Secretary/Treasurer (open to cert and ESP members)
NSEA Exec Board—Certificated (2 year term starting July 1, 2018; open to Cert members only)
  • Intermediate Elementary
  • High School
  • Special Ed
  • At-Large
NSEA Exec Board—ESP (2 year term starting July 1, 2018; open to ESP members only)
  • ESP At-Large
If you have any questions about the open positions or the nomination process, contact Lydia King at