Wednesday, October 18, 2017

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Scholarships Available For ESPs Pursuing Teaching Certificate

The Washington Education Association is offering five scholarships of $1,500 each this year to educational support professionals who are pursuing a teaching career. The Warren G. Magnuson Educational Support Professional (ESP) Scholarship is designed to assist WEA ESP employees active members) in their pursuit of certification in the teaching profession. Two of the five grants are designated for a minority ESP member. Applications are now available. 
1. Five scholarship grants of $1,500 each are available to active WEA ESP members.
2. The grants will be awarded only once per person.
3. The educational scholarship is for course work related to obtaining an initial teaching certificate.

Applicants for an education grant must include:
  • One (or more) page plan for obtaining an initial teaching certificate.
  • One (or more) page letter describing their passion for becoming a teacher.
  • Evidence of activities and/or leadership in their local, state or national Association, work history, training experienced or given, and their volunteerism and/or community service (no page limit).
  • Applicants must submit two letters of reference. One letter of reference must come from a local leader such as a building representative, local or council president or vice president.  The second letter can be from a colleague, student, parent or community connection. Reference letters should include examples of success as an educational employee, i.e. work, training, volunteerism and/or community services.
The application is available for download here. Completed applications must be postmarked no later than June 16, 2017.
Mail to:
Washington Education Association
P.O. Box 9100
Federal Way, WA 98063-9100
Attention: Jill Dahlen
Email to:
If you have any questions please contact Jill Dahlen at 253-765-7088 or 800-622-3393, ext. 007088.

Monday, May 22, 2017

NSEA Building-Based Meetings

This is a busy time for all of us. There is a lot happening. Right now, we are facing unprecedented challenges and opportunities.  

Our public schools and the middle class are under attack. OUR COMMITMENT TO EACH OTHER IS THE RESISTANCE TO THESE ATTACKS.  

During the next several weeks, every NSEA member will be attending a special NSEA MEETING at their school, instead of a big meeting at the end of May as previously planned. It’s essential that you be at this NSEA meeting at your school, with a special presentation by Tim Brittell and Kraig Peck.  

We cancelled the big meeting at North Creek HS because a district-wide vote turned out to be unnecessary. Instead, we’re making it easier for you to attend an NSEA meeting at your school. It will last 30 minutes. Though it will surely be an inconvenience for some, please note that it will be far more than a mere inconvenience if we allow our local schools to be ruined (so they can be privatized) and our union weakened. This is happening throughout the nation right now, and we are facing these real threats here in Washington. Come to the meeting to learn more.

It’s ironic that as this is happening, we also face the possibility of securing a major increase in compensation and school funding because of our McCleary victory.  

Click here for the schedule of our school meetings. If you can’t make it to your school’s meeting, come to the NSEA meeting at another school on another day. Your commitment to your colleagues is the key to creating the kind of future you want.  

Thank you, and see you soon!    

Tim Brittell, NSEA President
Kraig Peck, WEA Staffperson
Lydia King, Executive Assistant

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Training and Resources for ESPs

There will be two, paid, para-educator training opportunities available this spring covering small-group and whole-group instructional teaching strategies. Please register in PD Place for one of these two paid para-educator trainings:

Elementary Para-Educator Training
Wednesday, 5/24, 4:00-5:30
Admin Board Room 
Inservice 9183

Secondary Para-Educator Training
Wednesday, 6/7, 3:00-4:30
Admin Board Room 

Inservice 9184

Have you heard the news?!

The ESP Quality Department in the Center for Great Public Schools is proud to announce a new webpage promoting Professional Development for Education Support Professionals through regular live webinars. Certificates of participation and materials are available for download to all participants at the end of each session. Best of all, these live, interactive trainings are free of charge!

Stay up-to-date on upcoming webinars [ ] and access recorded webinars [ ] from past sessions

Friday, April 28, 2017

NSEA Nominations and Election Update

Dear Colleague,

Nominations for several NSEA leadership positions closed in March and were taken from the floor of the April Rep Council meeting. Since we had no contested positions, Building Reps approved the nominees through acclamation. There will be no need for an NSEA election this year. Here is the list of our newly elected leaders:

Tim Brittell, Northshore Education Association

Certificated Vice President
 Jon VandeMoortel, Northshore Middle School

Exec Board: Cert Primary Elementary
Janine Schmoll, Sunrise

Exec Board: Cert Middle School
Gail Bauman, Northshore Middle School

Exec Board: Cert Specialists
Tiffany Frane, North Creek HS

Exec Board: Cert At-Large
Adam White, Kenmore Elem.

Exec Board: ESP At-Large
Janet Tamura, Fernwood 

Exec Board: ESP At-Large
Karyn Sullivan, Fernwood

Cert Contract Maintenance: Intermediate Elementary
Kirstin Briefs, Cottage Lake

Cert Contract Maintenance: Middle School
Justine Hurley, Leota Middle School

Cert Contract Maintenance: Special Ed
Laurie Johnson, Woodinville HS

Thank you!

Clark Combs, NSEA Elections Committee Chair

Monday, April 24, 2017

Take Action for Public Education!

Four easy actions you can take right now to help fund public education in Washington state. 

#1. Support Fair RevenueEmail your legislators! Tell lawmakers it's time to get serious about funding public education, and that they should pass SB 5929, not use it as a cheap political stunt. 

#2. Call the Legislative Hotline! 800-562-6000. Message of the week: Tell the Senate to support the SB 5929, the revenue bill being heard this Wednesday afternoon.

#3. Download these materials for your building meeting. (Remember: do not use school district computers to access or share this information.)  

Building Meeting Power Point

Video for members (3:30 minutes)

House and Senate budget comparisons

#4. Sign up for OurVoice text updates: Text "OurVoice" to 41411

Friday, March 31, 2017

Nominations Are Now Open!

Nominations are now open for several NSEA leadership positions. See below for details. To nominate yourself or someone else, fill out this form and return it to the NSEA Office by Friday, March 31st. Nominations will also be accepted from the floor of the April Rep Council meeting; the election will be held in May.

President: Two year term; ppen to either certificated or ESP members

Cert Vice President: Two year term, must be certificated

ESP Exec Board
  • Two at-large positions open for nomination
  • Two year term
  • Must be an ESP
Certificated Exec Board
  • Four positions open for nomination:
    • Junior High/Middle School
    • Primary Elementary
    • Specialists 
    • Cert At-Large
  • Two year term
  • Must be certificated
Certificated Contract Maintenance Committee
  • Three positions open for nomination:
    • Intermediate Elementary
    • Junior High/Middle School
    • Special Ed
  • Three year term
  • Must be certificated
Click here for a nomination form. For more information about each position, please refer to the NSEA Bylaws. Contact Lydia King in the NSEA Office if you have questions or need assistance.

Friday, March 17, 2017

ESP Teaching Certification Scholarships Available!

The ESP Teaching Certification Scholarship is a collaboration between the Northshore School District (NSD) and the Association. Its purpose is to recognize and encourage ESP members who are pursuing certification in the field of education at the undergraduate or graduate level.

The scholarship fund for each school year is $10,000.00. Scholarship awards will be a minimum of $2,000.00 per school year. Members may apply and receive one scholarship per year for a maximum of three years. Applications are due on May 5, 2017.

Scholarship recipients will be REIMBURSED for previously paid tuition expenses via a NSD Travel and Expense Reimbursement Claim Form. This scholarship will be by REIMBURSEMENT ONLY. Recipients will be compensated in one payment after documentation of previously paid tuition expenses has been submitted.

Documentation will consist of:
  •  NSD Travel and Expense Reimbursement Claim Form
  •  Original tuition payment receipt(s)
  • All scholarship monies will be deposited directly into the recipient’s bank account on file with the district.