Information for the Education Support Professionals (ESPs) members of NSEA.

ESPs (formerly members of NESPA) include paraeducators, school assistants, nurses, deans, technology specialists, and other non-certificated employees of the Northshore School District.

The NSEA Vice President for ESPs is Robbi Reed (Woodmoor). ESP At-Large representatives on the NSEA Executive Board are Karyn Sullivan (Fernwood), Janet Tamura (Fernwood), and Judy Harkess (Westhill).

Click here for the current ESP Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA, or contract).

Important Resources for ESPs
Professional Development Fund FAQs
What is the fund?
It is a fund of $25,000 available to NESPA members for individual staff development training that may include tuition, registration fees and substitutes. The fund will pay the highest cost of either the tuition/fees or the cost of the substitute. (Or if the combined costs are less than $400, it will be pay both.) Prior approval for use of the funds must be obtained through the fund application form included.

The form is submitted to the ESP Professional Development Fund, to Janet Tamura (

Consideration for approval is based on the funds available, the relationship of the class to the employee’s immediate job performance, the needs of the District, the professional growth it will add to an employee’s abilities, skills, job-related interests and the employee’s access to other professional development money.

Initially, one request for funds per member, not to exceed $400.00, will be considered.  Requests are reviewed upon receipt and you are notified promptly by phone or email.  If funds are available mid-way through the school year, a second request will be considered.

How do I start?
Fill out the Professional Development Form. The easy-to-follow directions are right on the form but if you need further assistance, your building communicator can help.

Can we access the fund to pay for a professional development training/class in our school, during early release time or another time?
If ESP members at your school would like host a training, the application and approval process is the same-with a few minor differences.

One person (a ESP member in charge of organizing the class—the class organizer) fills out an application form for the class. The application needs to include the cost of the class (the amount that the instructor is charging). After the ESP Professional Development Committee approves the class and informs the class organizer, the  organizer promptly asks the instructor for an invoice (a bill).  (This is done well in advance of the class, so we can pay the instructor at the time of the class.)
After receiving the invoice, the organizer provides it to the NESPA treasurer who will write a check and provide it to the class organizer. The organizer gives the check to the instructor on the day of the class, at which time the instructor must date, sign, and label the invoice “paid in full”. This “original receipt’ (the signed, dated and labeled invoice) is then submitted to the ESP Professional Development Committee with a District Travel and Expense form.

What if we want a teacher to offer a training for us, during early release or on non-work time?
You can do this, using the process described above. If the teacher is already being paid during the class  time, during early release, for example, they are not paid additionally for their presentation time. However, the Professional Development fund can compensate her for the time she spent preparing for the training, up to 2 hours for each hour of training.

Where does one find classes?
Check your staff room bulletin board first. Organizations like the Institute for Educational Dev. (IED); Bureau of Education & Research (BER) and Staff Dev. Resources (SDR) send mailers to schools on a regular basis. Puget Sound ESD and the area community colleges offer great professional/personal development classes as well. The WEA also offers excellent conferences for Educational Support Professionals, and classes as well.

You could also try to Google your area of interest using words like educational seminar, workshop, or training, and a location like Seattle.

Professional Standards Program (PSP)
The Professional Standards Program (PSP) is offered to NESPA members and is based on education,experience and professional activity.This is a form of recognition for professional growth. ESP members are encouraged to take advantage of applying to this program, engage in professional development opportunties, and gain this additional pay to their normal salary.

As listed in the current NESPA contract under 25.80 through 25.84 (also see Appendix A-2, A-3 of the Salary Schedule), the District recognizes the PSP Certificate as issued by the National Association of Educational Office Personnel (NAEOP).

You can earn up to $1,327 per year, as listed in our current contract. 

There are three filing dates: September 15, January 15 and May 15.
NSEA offers PSP workshops three times a year: September 14, January 4, and May 3

Here are links for helpful information that the NESPA PSP Committee has put together regarding PSP eligibility requirements and instructions for filling out the application forms. These instructions are taken from the official PSP book and streamlined to include that information which is most applicable to NESPA members. The on-line application forms can be found at This is the website of the sponsoring agency, the National Association of Educational Office Professionals. Once at the website home page, go to the menu bar along the top and click on 'PROGRAMS', Next click on 'Professional Standards Program'. On this page, you will find the on-line forms near the bottom in the outlined box labelled 'PSP Forms'. It gives the choice to filled out the forms on-line in PDF or Word Doc format. Also, on this page you can find the full PSP book with the same eligibility requirements and instructions. You access the PSP book by downloading it in a PDF file.  However, it is a large document that includes a lot information that does not apply to NESPA members.

The ESPA PSP Committee encourages all members, including Long Term Substitutes, to come to a workshop to get assistance on how to start the application process.

The ESP Teaching Certification Scholarship is a collaboration between the Northshore
School District (NSD) and the Association. Its purpose is to recognize and encourage ESP
members who are pursuing certification in the field of education at the undergraduate or
graduate level.

The scholarship fund for each school year is $10,000.00. Scholarship awards will be a
minimum of $2,000.00 per school year. Members may apply and receive one scholarship per
year for a maximum of three years. Applications are due on April 20, 2018.

Scholarship recipients will be REIMBURSED for previously paid tuition expenses via a NSD Travel and Expense Reimbursement Claim Form. This scholarship will be by REIMBURSEMENT ONLY. Recipients will be compensated in one payment after documentation of previously paid tuition expenses has been submitted.

Documentation will consist of:
  •  NSD Travel and Expense Reimbursement Claim Form
  •  Original tuition payment receipt(s)
  • All scholarship monies will be deposited directly into the recipient’s bank account on file with the district.

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